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Best Socks for Women

Ladies! Can’t find socks that fit your style? Regular white socks not meeting your standards? Do they bunch, slip, and lose their shape easily? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up the best women’s socks for different activities (and different shoes) so you can have the perfect sock for any occasion.

Scientific studies have shown that male and female feet differ in more than just size. In addition to being generally smaller than male feet, women’s feet tend to have a wider ball and narrower heel. That means that a woman who wears a size 9 (women’s shoe) will likely have a narrower heel and a wider ball than a man who wears the equivalent size (a size 7 men’s shoe). Women also tend to have higher arches.   

Some of our brands like Darn Tough and Smartwool engineer socks specifically for women’s feet with gender-specific features like vent panels, arch support, and footbed padding.

The best socks for women are made from high-quality materials like natural Merino wool or high-tech synthetic fibers. These materials wick sweat away from the skin and release moisture back into the air, which will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Merino also has natural antibacterial properties that fight odor, so you don’t have to worry about smelly feet.   

Merino wool blended with synthetic fibers create a fabric which also resists sagging and bagging. Fabrics that keep their shape means your socks stay put, preventing blisters and discomfort. Durable fabrics mean you can wear and wash a pair of socks more frequently without worrying about wearing them out! While you might spend more money upfront, high-quality socks last longer and have better guarantees, saving your feet (and your cash) in the long run.   

Best Women’s Socks   

For Running

Smartwool Women's PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Socks - $16.95

Purple Smartwool socks

For the Gym

Wigwam Ironman Fit Pro Low Cut Socks - $10.00

For Hiking

Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Sock - $20.00

For Work

Smartwool Waffle Crew Socks - $17.95

For Lazy Days

Smartwool Popcorn Cable Crew Socks - $22.95

For Flats

Smartwool Secret Sleuth No Show Socks - $12.95

For Booties

Wigwam Breeze Crew Sock - $7.00

For Knee High Boots

Darn Tough Diamonds Knee High Light - $22.00

For a Pop of Color

Smartwool Margarita Socks - $20.95

For Travel

Sockwell Women’s Chevron Moderate Graduated Compression Socks - $24.99



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