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Best Socks for Athlete’s Foot

Best Socks for Athlete’s Foot

No one likes the irritable itching and burning feeling of athlete's foot, and something as simple as choosing the right socks can prevent it from ever happening. We've rounded up the best socks for athletes foot to control moisture and keep your feet happy and healthy.

About Athlete’s Foot

Athlete's foot is a contagious fungal infection that affects the skin on feet. It is caused by a fungus called tinea and occurs when the fungus grows on the feet. It is often caused by excess moisture and warmth within the shoe. Since the fungus thrives in warm, moist environments, it is commonly spread in showers, on locker room floors, around swimming pools, and even on towels or clothing. You should be aware of areas where fungal growth is most common, as you can catch the fungus through direct contact with an infected person or by touching surfaces contaminated with it. 


Athlete’s foot can cause pain and discomfort during your favorite activities. Symptoms of this condition may include a scaly rash, blisters around the sole or toe, itching, burning, and stinging. Although athlete’s foot isn't considered a very serious condition, it's sometimes hard to cure. Most cases of athlete's foot do require treatment, and since the condition is contagious, infection can easily reoccur or spread to hand or groin areas. So, it is important take preventative measures against athlete's foot by keeping your feet dry and moisture free! However, if you find yourself with a case of athlete's foot, one home remedy to treat athlete's foot is to use tea tree oil, which is known to reduce itching, scaling, swelling, and burning.   


The best way to prevent athlete’s foot is to wear moisture-wicking socks because they are specifically designed to eliminate griminess and wick sweat and moisture away from your feet. Many of our brands feature the best fabrics that help to control sweat and moisture, such as merino wool, polyester, Coolmax, olefin, and Drymax. These fabrics are commonly used in workout clothing, sportswear, and socks! By pulling moisture away from the body to the exterior of the garment, it allows the sweat to easily evaporate because it's no longer trapped between the garment and the skin, keeping you dry, cool, and comfortable. Our multitude of sock options provide the best quality products that fit your taste and needs, while keeping your feet safe and ready for your next adventure! 

Check out the best moisture-wicking socks for athlete’s foot so your feet can be dry, happy and healthy.         

Best Socks for Athlete’s Foot

Darn Tough Men's Coolmax® Micro Crew Cushion 

Darn Tough Men's Coolmax® Micro Crew Cushion, Olive

Darn Tough Men's Coolmax® Micro Crew Cushion socks are great for those who love hiking and want durable, fast action moisture-wicking experience. These socks feature merino wool which allows ultimate breathability and comfortensuring a coolrefreshing sock in the summer and warm, cozy sock in the winter.   

Darn Tough Men's Vertex 1/4 Ultra-Light Cushion 

Darn Tough Men's Vertex 1/4 Ultra-Light Cushion are an all-weather performance sock made to target and repel bacterial odor. These are made with durable merino wool fibers, designed to comfort feet with its ease of breathability. Its undetectable seam ensures a smooth, invisible feel.

Stego TrailTec+ Merino Wool Cushioned Crew Socks 


The Stego Trailtec+ Merino Wool Cushioned Crew Sock is a USA-made bacteria and odor fighting sock that is made for comfort and quick moisture management! Its Hydotec polyester material allows dampness to evaporate and keeps feet fresh. With its WickLink Channels and vented top panel, it’s sure to bring you moisture control and breathability! 

Stego StrideTec Cushioned 1/4 Crew Socks

Stego StrideTec Cushioned 1/4 Crew Socks, White/Grey

With its Microban antimicrobial protection technology, Stego StrideTec Cushioned ¼ Crew Socks are great for protection against bacteria and odor. Its wide arch support design prevents fatigue in and around the arches of feet. Plus, this sock features medium cushion in the toe, heel, and achilles to protect against blisters and relieve impact stress.  

Wrightsock CoolMesh II Crew Socks 


These Wrightsock CoolMesh II Crew Socks are the perfect light weight sock to enhance airflow and keep feet cool. It’s great for exercises like running, cycling, resistance strength training, and much more. Plus, they’re super durable and great at moisture management! 

Wigwam Ultra Cool Lite Quarter Socks 

The Wigwam Ultra Cool Lite Quarter Socks are an ultra-light sock with a cushioned sole and a sporty look. This sock is designed for rapid moisture evaporation in all environments. It has breathable mesh panels to allow for perspiration and  drirelease® Tencel® material that creates the perfect comfortability in both warm and cool environments.

If you're prone to blisters, check out Anti-Blister Socks: The Best Socks to Prevent Blisters and Keep Your Feet Happy.

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