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Best Toe Socks for Running: Injinji

Feet not comfortable when you run? Sick of blisters? We’ve got a solution! Toe socks are a comfortable addition to anyone’s sock drawer, especially for runners. No one likes cold, wet and blister-filled feet when they run. Injinji engineers the best toe socks for running with moisture-wicking fibers that function like a second skin and help improve overall foot health.  Here’s everything you need to know about toe socks for running to keep your feet comfortable and blister-free!            

Why Toe Socks?

Toe socks splay your toes and align them properly without squeezing them together. This not only enables greater stability, but it also allows your entire foot to be engaged in the activity, which in this case is running. Because they are anatomically designed for feet, they promote balance and allow natural movement of toes, which also increases mobility and helps prevent foot injuries like plantar fasciitis. You can also dodge those annoying toe blisters when you wear toe socks while you run because each toe is protected and wrapped in sweat-wicking material. Healthy, well-positioned toes also help avoid fungal infections like athlete’s foot and calluses.     

About Injinji  

Injinji is a California-based toe sock company dedicated to the health and performance of feet. Although Injinji was founded in 1999, and their patent for an anatomic, dry athletic toe sock that functioned like a second skin for the wearer came to life in 2004. This patented five-toe sock design helps enhance the freedom and natural function of your foot inside any shoe, thus making your feet more comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

In 2008 they expanded and revamped their product lines to include the Run & Trail series, and their improved technology such as the CoolMax Xtralife, which brought additional durability and performance to Injinji.  

Injinji Fibers

Injinji uses three different moisture-wicking fibers in their socks: COOLMAX®, NüWool™, and LYCRA®.    

  • COOLMAX® is an enhanced fiber that provides superior moisture management and comfort. The wicking capabilities of COOLMAX® fibers are ideal even in the most extreme conditions caused by any sport or activity.
  • NüWool™ is Injinji`s own Merino wool made from the finest Australian wool. It is spun to provide superior durability and prevent itching. NüWool™ also provides maximum temperature control, odor resistance and wicks moisture away from the foot.
  • LYCRA® is a premium fiber blend that enables flexibility and movement with its bi-directional stretch. It helps all socks retain their shape.   

Best Injinji Toe Socks for Running

Run 2.0 Original Weight No-Show - $12.00

The Run Original Weight fiber construction protects each toe and the entire foot from blisters, hotspots and moisture build-up. Feet will remain cool during runs and workouts with a mesh top for maximum breathability and superior arch support for a secure and stable fit. The no-show length rests below most footwear lines and has a tab feature to protect your heel from shoe irritation.

Midweight Xtralife Trail Crew Toesocks - $17.00

The Trail series is engineered for the uneven and unpredictable terrain of the trail to offer the best fit, feel and protection in any shoe. Trail socks are built to handle the impact of dirt paths and rocky trails with a protective cushion and mid-weight design. The crew length rests at mid-calf.

Trail 2.0 Midweight Mini-Crew Sock - $15.00

Injinji 2.0 Trail Midweight Mini Crew Socks are engineered for the uneven and unpredictable terrain of trail running. With a double elastic cuff to keep dirt out and hold the sock in place, you'll be ready to take on the trail ahead.

Sport Original Weight Mini Crew Sock - $10.00

Injinji 2.0 Sport Original Weight Mini Crew helps you harness the foot's natural mechanics resulting in a better tactile feel of your environment and a stronger sense of balance, enabling you to reach new levels of performance no matter your sport. The Injinji 2.0 Mini Crew comes with CoolMax® which is an enhanced polyester that is designed to provide not only superior moisture management but also to enhance the wearer's comfort.

Run Lightweight No Show Sock - $12.00

Maximize your comfort by minimizing bulk, moisture builds up and friction with the RUN Lightweight socks. This ultra-thin, minimalist style performance toe sock allows your toes to align and splay naturally resulting in a more comfortable fit. The foot will remain cool with the light and breathable mesh top that maximizes ventilation. The no-show length rests below the ankle and features a heel tab to protect against chafing and keep the sock from sliding into the shoe.

2.0 Original Weight Outdoor Micro Crew NuWool Toesocks - $16.00

The Outdoor series is made from NüWool Merino wool fiber for the ultimate in foot comfort and performance. Outdoor is designed to provide the desired level of cushioning, stability, support, and comfort for all outdoor activities while preventing blisters and maximizing wool’s inherent natural properties making it ideal for all weather conditions.


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