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Best Socks for TOMS

TOMS® Shoes, best known for their One for One® mission to give to those in need, are taking summer wardrobes by storm. The trendy canvas footwear features an Argentine alpargata design that’s made for warmer weather. The only question is, do you wear socks or not?      

Yes. You should ALWAYS wear socks with your closed toe shoes. The signature TOMS are made of hemp and cotton to create a canvas with a suede insole, which tends to get a taste of your sweaty foot stains pretty quickly, especially in the heat. In fact, the dirt, sweat, and oils from your feet actually tend to ruin the soles and shoes a lot quicker than they would if you had a little bit of protection.   

Of course, you can “air out” the shoes, but will it permanently get rid of your foot stank? Probably not. Some people are concerned that socks get bulky and stretch the shoes out quicker than normal (since the shoes do tend to stretch a ½ a shoe size after wear). However, pair them with some thin no-show socks and you’re good to go, stain and stench free.

TOMS® Shoes are to be worn as leisurewear. They’re lightweight, airy, and more breathable than other summer shoes or sneakers, so why not wear them with a pair of breathable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial no-show socks? Experience the comfort of wearing socks only you know are there and check out the best no-show socks for TOMS.  

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