Best Loafer Liners and No Show (Hidden) Socks for Men and Women

Summer is well underway, which means you’ve probably ditched the jeans and boots for your boat shoes or summer sneakers. We’ve rounded up the best loafer liners and no show socks so you can keep your sock profile on the DL without having to constantly fish around inside your shoe for it.

You should resist the temptation to skip socks if you’re wearing warm weather shoes like slip-on loafers or sneakers because by not wearing socks, you’re inviting germs, blisters, and even blood and sweat stains into your good shoes. Not to mention a nasty smell that never seems to leave.

Although socks can add a little extra pizazz and personality to your outfit, you should update your look for the summer and try a hidden sock. Others don’t have to see it, but you’ll know it’s there.         

Socks made of high-quality fabrics wick sweat and moisture away from your feet to keep them cool, dry, and comfortable in the heat and in your shoes. Merino wool and other wicking fibers are excellent for managing moisture and keeping unwanted odors at bay. You’ll also need socks that won’t slip, stink, or fall apart after one wear or wash. Many no-show socks are also designed with non-slip grips on the heel so your sock will stay in place.

Check out our favorite loafer liners and no show socks, perfect for summer shoes.  

Loafer Liners and No Show Socks We Recommend for Summer Shoes

For Women

Smartwool Women's Ouray Arrow Hide & Seek No Show Socks - $13.95

All signs point to the ultimate in comfort in Smartwool's Ouray Arrow Hide & Seek No Show socks. Perfect for your low cut shoes!

Smartwool Women's Secret Sleuth No Show Socks - $12.95


Smartwools lowest cut sock yet, with a "hidden" height. This "secret" in your shoe is a non-cushioned sock that's perfect for ballet silhouettes and other flat summer shoes. Also featuring an internal heel gripper and merino wool.

Smartwool Women's Hide and Seek Socks - $12.95

This low rider will give you all the benefits of SmartWool® with barely a peep showing out of your shoe.

Darn Tough Women's Stripe Topless No Show Hidden Light Socks - $13.95

You won’t see Topless Stripe but you’ll feel the love. Light, breathable, ready for life’s hidden adventures. Because sometimes it’s not about what you see—it’s about how you feel.

For Men

Smartwool Men's No Show Socks - $13.95

When you want the look of no socks but not the stink, the Men's No Show comes to the rescue. Merino regulates temperature and sweat to keep feet fresh. Also featuring an internal heel gripper and no cushioning for maximum performance in close-fitting shoes.

Stance Men's Americana Invisible Socks - $10.00

Salute your socks. The Americana Invisible is cut using Stance's very own proprietary pattern to ensure these red, white, and blue beauties will stay completely out of sight. Silicone heel grips and a soft cotton body give these socks ability to stay in place and aids in thermoregulation during those hot summer days.

Smartwool Men's Premium Marl No Show Socks - $17.95 

No show should never mean no comfort. Smartwool's Marl No Show has a luxurious hand feel and premium construction. With an internal gripper at the heel, our no show socks will stay up and will keep you comfortable throughout your day.

Darn Tough Men's Topless Stripe No Show Hidden Light Socks (and Solid) - $13.95

Topless Stripe. A No Show that knows no bounds when it comes to quietly delivering on the things that matter most—undeniable comfort, durability, and fit.


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