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How to Prevent Blisters with Liner Socks

How to Prevent Blisters with Liner Socks

If you struggle with blisters or uncomfortably sweaty feet, liner socks could be the solution for you! Sock liners are a great line of defense against moisture that can cause blisters or discomfort. Keep reading for our tips on using liner socks and our suggested styles that will keep your feet cool and comfortable. 

What is a liner sock? 

Liner socks are a thinner type of sock that are usually made of material that encourages moisture to be wicked away from the skin. They work much like any base layer garment does by wicking sweat up to the next layer of clothing. So, usually, you use liner sock underneath a thicker “outer” sock; the lightweight, moisture-wicking liner will draw the moisture away from the foot and pass it to the outer sock where the moisture can evaporate. By reducing the amount of moisture against your skin, you are less likely to have uncomfortable rubbing, which can lead to blisters. 

Sock liners are usually made of thin polyester, nylon, lightweight wool, or other natural or synthetic fiber blends that help wick sweat away from your feetWool sock liners are one of the most popular liners because wool fibers are known for their temperature regulating properties. So wool sock liners can keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winterWhile wool is great for regulating temperature, other fibers can be more breathable and quick drying. For example, polyester is quicdrying, while nylon is lightweight, strong and can absorb more moisture than other fibers.  

No matter which material the liner sock is made of, you’ll always want one that is as thin as possible. The thinner the liner sock, the more comfortable it will be to wear under your outer sock. Contrary to what you may be used to looking for in other outer socks, remember you won’t be sacrificing any performance by getting a thin liner sock. Liner socks are meant to be thin!

When should you use a liner sock? 

Regardless of the time of year, a liner sock is sure to wick away moisture, dry fast, and have great anti-blister qualities. This is why some people in warmer climates use liner socks as their go-to lightweight style! While liner socks are designed to be worn underneath an outer sock, their amazing cooling capabilities make them a great performance sock option all on their own. 

However, the real purpose behind liner socks is to reduce blisters when your outer sock is intended for other things, like keeping your feet warm. Liner socks are popular options for cold-weather sports like hockey, snowboarding, and skiing. Because those activities generally require the outer layer to be warm and protective against snowy conditions, adding a liner sock underneath can be great for wicking away sweat and reducing the chance of blisters. Plus, an added benefit is that liner socks help to keep your outer socks in place when you can’t reach down to fix them during these types of high-intensity activities.  

Liners are also great for hiking and backpacking treks when you can’t always be sure what the weather will be likeBy applying the tried-and-true concept of layering to your feet, you increase the range of comfortable temperatures. You’ll also reduce the chance of rubbing from your hiking boots, which will help to reduce blisters. 

Best Liner Socks 

Now that you’re clued in on liner socks, here are some of our favorite styles! 

Wigwam Coolmax Liner Crew Sock

The Wigwam CoolMax Liner Crew Socks are perfect for warm weather, spring or summer hikes. CoolMax polyester fibers ensure that moisture is quickly removed from your foot and out to your outer, primary sock.

Smartwool Hike Liner Crew Socks 

This ultra-light, non-cushioned sock provides a close, lightweight fit that acts as your second skin to minimize friction and blisters. The flat knit toe seam guarantees comfort.

Fox River Wick Dry CoolMax Liner Crew Socks 

The Fox River Wick Dry Coolmax Liner Crew Socks are ultra-lightweight liners that feature Fox River's Wick Dry technology, keeping your feet dry and blister-free.

Fox River Wick Dry Alturas Liner Crew Socks

The Fox River Wick Dry Alturas Liner Tube Socks are ultra-lightweight, heat-retaining liners that feature Fox River's Wick Dry technology, keeping your feet dry and blister-free. 

Fox River X-Static Liner Crew Socks

The Fox River X-Static Liner Crew Socks are ultra-lightweight liners that feature X-STATIC fabric, which helps eliminate odor with an antimicrobial silver treatment. The silver-coated nylon also minimizes static and regulates temperature, and maintains its effectiveness even after washing. The X-Static liner can even be worn as a primary sock when an ultra-thin, lightweight sock is required. This soft, inner liner can move with your feet without bunching, which prevents those blisters that would otherwise crop up when hot spots constantly rub up against a thick sock that doesn't move. 

The X-Static Liner is also available in an over the calf (Knee High) length, and in an ultra light weight in over the calf and crew

Injinji Liner Crew 

The Injinji 2.0 Toesock Liner provides an extremely thin 5-toe protective base layer to compliment your favorite outer layer sock. 



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