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Best Cycling Socks

Best Cycling Socks

Cycling is a popular and fun way to get some exercise. Whether you prefer hopping on a bike to cycle around town, or riding the stationary bikes at the gym, you’re going to need the right pair of socks. We compiled this list of the best socks for cycling, so keep reading to see our picks!

Stego StrideTec Cushioned ¼ Crew Socks

person wearing white mini crew socks with gray accents on top

A durable pair of socks with targeted cushioning is exactly what you need for cycling, so pick up a pair of these Stego socks! They also have a vented top panel and bottom WickLink Channels to keep your feet cool and dry during your ride.

Fox River Wick Dry® Triathlon Quarter Crew Socks

pair of white ankle socks with gray band around toe

You don’t need to be competing in a triathlon to wear these socks from Fox River! These ones have special Wick Dry® technology that quickly dries up any moisture, and they also have compression in the arch for added support.

Wigwam Ironman Thunder Pro Quarter Socks

white mini crew sock with gray accents on bottom of foot

These are the ultimate cycling socks - Wigwam is actually the official sock brand of the Ironman Triathlon! These socks have cushioning on the soles, toes, and heels, and they have thin venting throughout the top to ensure comfort and breathability.

Darn Tough Women's Element No Show Tab Lightweight Athletic Sock

black ankle socks with purple accents and logo near toe

If you’re in the market for a super durable and comfortable pair of cycling socks, these Darn Tough ones are for you! These socks are naturally antimicrobial to repel bacteria and odors, plus they’re knitted with Merino wool (the ultimate sock fiber- it’s the best, trust us).

Smartwool Athletic Targeted Cushion Ankle Socks

pair of white quarter length crew socks with black smartwool logo on toe

These Smartwool socks are guaranteed to elevate both your performance and your comfort levels! Targeted cushioning, along with arch and ankle support, will help you bike for miles and miles pain-free.

Drymax Cycle ¼ Crew Socks

black mini crew sock

You know these Drymax socks were made for biking when they have “cycle” in the name! These ones are built with a Dual-Layer Sweat Removal System to provide protection from chafing while reducing moisture and blisters.

Thorlos Experia® Multi-Sport Mini Crew Socks

white ankle sock with gray accents on heel and toe

Sometimes, you just want some lightweight cycling socks, and these Thorlos ones do the trick. They are made with THORWICK COOL® fibers to absorb moisture, and these are best suited for high-performance cyclists who don’t need a lot of foot protection.

CEP Men's Ultralight Low-Cut Compression Socks

black compression ankle sock with white accents on toe and heel and white logo at ankle

These compression socks from CEP are great for enhancing your cycling performance, as well as fighting foot fatigue! There is targeted compression throughout the socks that helps prevent foot swelling and alleviates foot pain, plus padded cushioning for comfort.

Don’t ride off without a pair of these socks! Your feet deserve these best socks for cycling.



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