If you’re the type of person who slips on a pair of comfy socks before climbing into bed, you’re in luck, because warm feet help you sleep.

When you warm your feet, the blood vessels within your feet dilate, which lowers blood pressure and prepares your body for sleep. Research has shown a correlation between the dilation in extremities (vasodilation) and the speed of falling asleep. This means that increased dilation of the blood vessels in the feet help you fall asleep quicker.

Benefits of Sleeping with Socks On

Regulates Body Temperature

Good sleep is all about core body temperature. Wearing socks helps regulate your body temperature while sleeping and prevent those unwanted night sweats and hot flashes.  

Raynaud’s disease is a rare condition that affects an individual's blood cells, causing an overreaction to cold temps. Wearing socks while sleeping will regulate your body temperature, which can help alleviate Raynaud’s symptoms and prevent a Raynaud’s attack from occurring.

Improve Dry Skin

People may notice that they sometimes wake up with dry or cracked feet. Applying a moisturizing lotion and putting on a new pair of cotton socks before bed will help improve your dry skin.

Sock Tips

  1. Putting on a fresh pair of socks before bed is best for helping you get to sleep quicker. If you don’t change your socks, bacteria can build up and lead to a fungal infection or similar conditions affecting your feet.

  2. Socks that are too thick will not allow for sufficient airflow and can cause your feet to be too warm, which leads to sweating. This can also produce bacteria and cause complications. When choosing a pair of socks to sleep in, make sure they are not too thick.