If you’re putting in the miles, why not pick the perfect pair of hiking socks? Socks can make or break your hike; choose the wrong ones and your feet could end up soaked in sweat, irritated, and filled with blisters.

We've tried them all, and we’re here to tell you why Smartwool is hands down the best brand for hiking socks.   

The Best Fabric For Hiking Socks: Wool, Hands Down

Regular cotton socks are made of absorbent fibers that soak in moisture, which may cause socks to lose their shape and lead to skin irritation or blisters. And blisters are the last thing you want to deal with on the trail!

If you’re looking for a new pair of socks for your next trek, you should go straight for the wool. Wool is the most popular natural sock material and it has excellent wicking properties that trap and transfer moisture to keep your feet warm, dry, and free from sweat and irritation!      

The Best Brands for Hiking Socks: Smartwool Is The Clear Winner

Smartwool is specialized in using wool (no surprise here) to make warm, comfortable, and versatile socks, clothing, and accessories, and their hiking socks are the best of the best.

Each pair of Smartwool socks is carefully crafted using the finest merino wool to keep your feet dry and regulate your body temperature. A flat knit toe seam is constructed for comfort, and extra arch support is added so you can enjoy your trek without any pain or hassle. They also offer anywhere from ultra light to heavy cushioning in their hiking socks, as well as a slew of different technologies so there are options for every type of hiker.                      

Learn more about what goes into creating the perfect hiking sock, and what else you might need to look for here.

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Smartwool Hiking Sock Reviews: Here’s What Our Customers Say

Smartwool has also gained an incredibly large and loyal following who stand by their products.

Smartwool a family favorite

Discovered smartwool a few years ago...I have sensitive skin, and never wear anything wool unless I have a full protective layer underneath...not an option for socks. Living in Wisconsin, I really enjoy warm wool socks in the winter. Smartwool doesn't itch ! I buy for other family members that I have "hooked" on this brand, and they are extremely grateful when they get a new supply !” Thanks Sara N.   

Love Them!

I have discovered SmartWool socks through a friend. I always thought wool would be too warm for me since I sweat so much. It is the opposite, my feet stay dry and warm all day long even though the socks are wet with perspiration.” Thanks Louise.

Soft and warm

Terrific socks. Has a little cushion. Keeps your feet warm with or without an extra pair of socks. Easy care too. Keeps its shape wash after wash. Highly recommend.” Thanks Mary S.

Smartwool Hiking Crew Sock

Purchased a few pairs for my husband and he is very happy with them. Perfect amount of padding and the merino wool keep his feet nice and warm in these winter months . Have never been disappointed by the Smartwool quality while Socks Addict offers great sale prices.” Thanks Robert S.