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Made in the USA Gift Guide

All of your favorite brands, made right here on your home turf!

We’ve made a list (and checked it twice) of all of our brands that are Made in the USA.

Get a Made in the USA gift for everyone on your list.

Shop our Made in the USA brands

Durable and comfortable all-weather performance socks that are great for hiking and everyday wear.

Made in Vermont.

High-performance socks and apparel made from Merino wool that are made to go far and feel good.

Made in Tennessee and North Carolina.

From your traditional cotton to high-performance Merino wool, Wigwam has proudly knit pure American comfort for over 111 years.

Made in Wisconsin.

Engineered from the inside out to provide unparalleled performance, moisture management, comfort, and style no matter where you go.

Made in North Carolina.

Designed to redefine how socks should feel with premium comfort and maximum support.

Made in Tennessee.

Home of the original sock monkey and America’s oldest performance sock brand.

Made in Iowa.

Dedicated to the American manufacturing tradition by creating the world’s best socks for the trail, snow, and everyday wear.

Made in North Carolina.


High-performance socks for athletes, work, and the outdoors with original engineered foot protection and clinically tested padding.

Made in North Carolina.

Moderate and firm compression socks in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. Also offering relaxed fits, plantar relief, and more.

Made in Tennessee.

Keep feet 25 times drier and more comfortable during your runs, hikes, sports games and more.

Made in Alabama.

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