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Introducing the New Generation CEP 3.0!

CEP has upgraded its 2.0 line and launched a NEW generation 3.0! With precise compression and an improved fit, you’ll feel better than ever.

About CEP Compression

CEP Compression applies more than 60 years of experience with German design, research, and manufacturing to create high-tech, high-quality athletic compression gear engineered for intelligent athletes looking to improve their performance and have a shorter recovery phase.

Take a look at how the CEP 3.0’s compare to the CEP 2.0’s.

CEP 3.0 Socks and Sleeves

Men's Tall Socks 3.0 (and Women)

The best socks just got better. These tall socks for men provide optimum recovery and performance thanks to medi true compression. With a new design that takes advantage of high-tech yarns, new HEIQ clima management, and a more natural fitting toe box, CEP's compression socks help you recover faster while reducing swelling and muscle strain. The ideal socks for runners, fitness enthusiasts, and endurance athletes.

Women's Calf Sleeves 3.0 (and Men)

Precision fit for a compact effect. CEP Calf Sleeves 3.0 offer improved compression and stabilization. The new sleeves also incorporate high-tech yarn and moisture management tech to promote fast evaporation and rapid cooling on hot days. A great combination with CEP Short Socks, Low Cut Socks, or No Show Socks, these sleeves are perfect for runners and triathletes as well as endurance and teamsport athletes.

Women's Low Cut Socks 3.0 (and Men)

Anatomically perfect fit for a second skin feel. These short length socks offer a universal fit that suits athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all stripes. New yarn technology does a better job of regulating temperature and moisture, and the precision compression design ensures your feet have never felt better.

Women's Short Socks 3.0 (and Men

Optimized stability at the ankle. CEP Short Socks 3.0 are great for cyclists, runners, triathletes, and endurance team sport athletes. The SMART DRY yarn grants greater moisture and temperature management. Add to that a more precise, anatomical fit that promotes ankle and arch stabilization while reducing the chances of blisters.


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