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Best Cotton Socks: Wigwam Socks

Although us socks addicts are pushers for the magic of Merino wool, we simply can't deny the cotton lovers! In fact, some of our best-selling socks on SocksAddict are cotton socks!

Cotton is a strong, soft fiber that retains heat when dry and is comfortable to wear in all types of weather. Because cotton fibers stretch and bag easily (which can lead to blisters), socks made of 100% Cotton are best for dress or light casual wear. Manufacturers of cotton socks often blend some synthetic fibers into the weave so you can have the best of both worlds; the softness and durability of cotton, along with the elasticity and high tech moisture management of synthetics.      

Cotton can absorb up to 10-14% of its own weight in water and still feels wet. Cotton doesn’t stand a chance against Merino when it comes to wicking moisture, but they are thinner, stretchier, and cheaper! While we don’t recommend wearing cotton socks for high-intensity or activities like hiking or running, they are great for comfortable, casual everyday wear. Check out our best-selling cotton socks from Wigwam!         

Wigwam At Work Crew Socks, 3 Pack

The Wigwam At Work Crew Socks (3-pack) is the ultimate heavy duty sock, ideal for work boots, and perfect for all-day wear. The At Work Crew Socks are one of Wigwam's best-selling items — and for good reason. The anti-microbial Odor Guard keeps your feet smelling fresh, and remains effective even after washing. A stay-put leg and top mean you can concentrate on your job, not on your socks. A fully cushioned, long-wearing sole with a low-profile toe closure means that your feet stay comfortable all day in socks that will last. Finally — you can get through the all-day grind without tired and sweaty feet.

Wigwam Master Socks

Constructed primarily of Ring Spun Cotton, Wigwam's Master truly is the ace of socks. One of the only remaining sized socks in the market today. Sizes are designated by toe seam color.

Wigwam King Cotton

The Wigwam King Cotton Crew Socks are extra-thick, padded, cotton athletic socks that won't wear out. Perfect for basketball players — or anyone who just wants a cozy cotton sock — the King Cotton will outlast your standard bargain cotton socks 10 times over. The thick padding protects your feet from the bumps and shock — and means you'll be able to ditch the slippers and get around your house in your Kings.

Wigwam Super 60® Tube Socks, 6 Pack

A value engineered cushioned tube sock, still made in America. Just try finding another at this price.

Wigwam Cypress Crew Socks

Behold the resurrection of a Wigwam Classic! Today marks the return of the Wigwam Cypress Crew Socks. Here you can finally have that Ragg wool look, without the Ragg Wool. This is the classic look you have been looking for, the surprise is...it's cotton! Forget the itch of wool. Let your feet rejoice in the comfort of a breathable cotton/nylon blend and low-profile toe closure. The Wigwam Cypress Crew Socks are a true original.




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