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How to Stick with Your Fitness Resolutions

How to Stick with Your Fitness Resolutions

Happy new year! With every new year comes new year’s resolutions, which usually get forgotten about a month later. Keep reading along to find out how you can stick to your fitness resolutions and set yourself up for success this year! 

#1: Make your resolution as specific as possible

It’s very easy to set broad goals for yourself, such as “lose weight” or “eat better,” but those vague goals will do more harm than good. Set some more specific resolutions, such as “eat one vegetable with every meal,” or “go to the gym three times a week,” to ensure better success. Ask yourself questions about why a particular goal is important to you and what your desired outcomes are to help narrow it down to be as specific and achievable as possible. 

person sitting on ground at the gym with hand weights

#2: Only pick a couple of resolutions, rather than many

Spreading yourself too thin by trying to achieve a laundry list of goals will set you up for failure. Pick one or two main goals to focus on throughout the year so it is easier for you to manage and hold yourself accountable. You can even make a longer resolution list and determine which ones are the most important to you (and save the others for next year!) 

row of people running on treadmills

#3: Start small and work your way up

Just like having broad goals or too many goals, having too big of goals might not be successful either. Aim for small steps that ease into your fitness goals, especially at the start. For example, instead of trying to push yourself to hit the gym every single day, you can start smaller by setting a goal of going three times a week. This strategy will help get you closer to your full goals without overwhelming yourself or burning out. Small goals can also help you achieve success sooner and give you confidence, and you can always adjust those big goals as time goes on.  

man on yoga mat working out at home

#4: Keep track of your progress

Having a journal or calendar to keep track of your progress is a good way to keep yourself accountable. Visually seeing your progress can help keep you motivated, and for those days where you’re feeling less motivated, it can help you to see how far you’ve come and spark your drive again. For a more comprehensive progress tracker, try recording how you feel each day, or try doing a written reflection at the beginning and end of each week. Allowing yourself this space notice how you feel can help you adjust your goals over time based on changes you noticed. 

person sitting at a desk in front of a window writing in a journal

#5: Make an inspiration board

An inspiration board can help you to visualize your goals, as well as help with decreased motivation as the year goes on. You can create a collage with pictures online or go old-school by cutting up magazine pictures and pasting them on a board or piece of paper. Your inspiration board should contain things that are important to you and related to your resolutions. You could include motivational quotes, pictures of fitness activities you want to start doing, or even pictures of healthy recipes you want to try. Make sure to display it somewhere you’ll see it daily, like your phone background or on the wall by your door, so you can be inspired and reminded of your goals every day.

woman sitting on ground pinning print-out pictures to a cork board  

#6: Get yourself some new fitness apparel

Everyone always feels more motivated to hit the gym when you have an outfit that makes you feel good. Start off the year by treating yourself to some upgraded workout clothes to help with that initial push to begin your goals. While shirts and shorts are important, having great socks will also help you feel more motivated and keep your feet feeling (and smelling) good.

woman putting on socks and shoes at the gym

#7: Find a friend to team up with you

The buddy system never fails, and if you have a friend who wants to achieve similar goals as you, buddy up! Working out is always more fun with a friend. Plus, having someone else around is another way to be held accountable to your resolutions.  

four people on the ground doing planks, two people high fiving

#8: Be patient and kind to yourself

Change is never easy, and it can be difficult to continue with your resolutions. So, being patient and kind to yourself is a necessity. It’s okay to make some mistakes and even miss some days, they might even help you to succeed in the long run. Remind yourself of why you set these resolutions and remember that change is a marathon, not a sprint! 

man and woman high fiving at the gym

With these tips in mind, you are set up for success this new year. We’ll be here with great socks to help you stick to those resolutions and ultimately have a great year!  


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