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Best Socks for Sweaty Feet - Workout Edition

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet - Workout Edition

Are you prone to getting sweaty feet while you’re working out? You’re not the only one, which is why we compiled this list of the best socks for sweaty feet, so your feet can stay dry while you’re getting your reps in. Keep reading to learn more and see our top picks!

Why do you need different workout socks for sweaty feet?

Well first of all, nobody likes wet socks, but sweaty socks can cause blisters, bacteria build-up, and odor. We recommend socks that are made with synthetic material blends like polyester and nylon, or natural blends made with Merino wool, because they are going to be more breathable than your average pair of cotton socks. You also want workout socks made with moisture-wicking fabrics, mesh panels for breathability, and anti-odor and anti-microbial materials. These materials and features are going to make sure your feet stay dry, comfortable, and odor-free during the toughest workouts. If you want to learn more about different materials for socks, check out our Best Socks for Sweaty Feet blog!

Our Recommendations:

Smartwool Run Targeted Cushion Low Cut Socks

black ankle socks with red and gray accents

If you prefer to hit the treadmill while you’re at the gym, these Smartwool running socks are essential to keeping your feet dry and comfortable. They are designed with mesh ventilation zones that provide maximum breathability and keep moisture managed.

Wrightsock CoolMesh II Qtr Socks

white quarter length sock with black Wrightsock logo

Your feet will definitely be cool in these socks, it’s right there in the name! They are super breathable and lightweight, and they’re fast-drying, so you can finish up your workout in dry socks.

Darn Tough Men's ¼ Sock Light

black, red, and gray quarter length socks

These Darn Tough socks are guaranteed to combat your sweaty feet. They are made with Fast Action Wicking which helps pull moisture away from the skin and gets your feet dry faster, plus they’re naturally antimicrobial so your feet smell good too!

Injinji Sport Original Weight Crew Socks

black crew length toe socks with red Injinji logo at top

Who doesn’t love a fun toe-sock that also keeps your feet dry? These Injinji socks keep your toes separated and wrapped in sweat-wicking material that keeps your feet drier and more comfortable than traditional socks.

Stego StrideTec+ Merino Wool Ultra Light Crew Socks

legs with black crew length socks on

While you’re packing your gym bag, don’t forget to add these Stego socks! The Merino wool works with the vented panels on the top and WickLink channels on the bottom to kick out moisture, regulate your foot temperature, and let your feet breathe.

Drymax Sport No Show Socks

white ankle socks with gray heel and toes and Drymax logo on the toe

If you’re looking for socks that you can wear for any type of workout and that will keep your feet feeling cool, then these Drymax socks are for you! The vented arch band and breathable mesh throughout the socks keeps your feet dry no matter the activity.

Darn Tough Women’s Run Coolmax No Show Tab Ultra Light Cushion Socks

black ankle sock with teal accent on heel and teal logo on toes

You can never go wrong with Darn Tough socks! These ones are constructed with Coolmax® that move moisture away from the skin and dry quickly- we've heard it’s like your own personal air conditioner for your feet.

Fox River Wick Dry® Triathlon Quarter Crew Socks

white quarter length socks with gray band around the front of the sock by toes

With a name like “triathlon” crew socks, you know that these Fox River socks are built to last through the toughest and hardest workouts. They are made with Wick Dry® technology that quickly draws out moisture from your feet and reduces friction that could cause blisters.

With this list of socks, you can hit the gym and enjoy your workout without having to worry about sweaty feet!


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