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Staying Active at Home

Staying Active at Home

You can still get in a good sweat right from your living room. Physical exercise can help strengthen your immune system and reduce stress. It’s important to stay healthy and active and make sure you are taking care of yourself. To help, we’ve listed some easy ways that you can make the best of your at-home workout.


Get Creative

If you don’t have weights or a treadmill at home, there are many types of workouts that don’t require any equipment. You can also get creative with what you have. Use books, cans or jars for weights, chairs for stability or step moves, and other household items for various exercises. There are hundreds of online workouts available on youtube, instagram, facebook, pinterest, and many other sites. You can find any type of exercise, from yoga, cardio, HIIT, barre, strengthening, and more.


Get Outside

Many local and state parks are still open. Check your local and state parks websites for parks that are open near you. Some state parks are even waiving their fees and offering free admission. You can also take your dog for a daily walk or go on a walk through your neighborhood. Make sure to keep six feet of distance between you and anyone else out walking. Fresh air and vitamin D can help boost your immune system and will give you a change of scenery, especially if you are working from home.


Budget Friendly Options

Many studios are now offering online classes and live streaming classes for free. This is a great time to take advantage of a class or studio that you have been wanting to try out, without having to spend extra money. You can also use this opportunity to try something new. Switching up your routine will use different muscle groups and help you get in a great workout. You may also find something new that you love!


Virtual Classes

Many studios and trainers are holding IG live classes, uploading their workouts to youtube, or using other streaming services to offer live classes. We’ve listed a few studios that are offering online classes and live-streaming workouts below:

  • Barry’s Bootcamp - You can still get in a solid high intensity interval workout with Barry’s through their Instagram. The studio is streaming 20 minute workouts twice a day on IGTV.
  • ClassPass - ClassPass is great for trying different workouts. You can access the full library of workouts, from HIIT, yoga, barre, and many others, in their App. You also don’t need to be a pre-existing or paying member to access the App. Download or sign in to access any of their online workouts.
  • CorePower Yoga - What better way to practice calming and peace than with a great flow? Yoga is the perfect way to reduce stress and find your center. CorePower Yoga is offering access to their online classes for free, and live-streaming classes for members.
  • Planet Fitness - One of the largest gym chains, Planet Fitness is uploading at-home workout videos every day at 7 p.m. EST to their Facebook page. You can access the workouts whether you are a gym member or not.
  • 305 Fitness - You can throw your own dance party in your house with 305 Fitness. The studio is offering free classes on their youtube page.

Check out your local studio to see if they are offering online or live-stream classes as well.


We can take simple steps to stay positive and make the best of any situation. Make it a priority to take care of yourself by staying healthy and active.

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