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Wigwam's line of high performance socks for sports, outdoor, work, health, and casual styles. Wigwam Socks are made in the USA.

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What people are saying..

  1. Richard Says

    These socks are the most comfortable, long lasting and best for the price sock there is! I have worn these socks spring, summer, fall and winter and they give year around comfort! My feet never sweat with these. I have worn these socks for 20 years and get 2-3 years out of a pair wearing them 2-3 times a week! - Wigwam Canada Crew Socks

  2. Kay Ellen Says

    My husband always has cold feet and it is actually painful for him when we go to the snow. Christmas Eve in the snow and at 18 degrees, his feet were warm and comfy! Hurray! Thanks SocksAddict. - Wigwam 40 Below Crew Socks

  3. Ralph Says

    I have always appreciated the quality and fit of Wigwam socks. I was looking for a over the calf cotton socks and Wigwam had the perfect answer. They are comfortable and have a great fit. - Wigwam King Cotton High Socks

  4. Charles Says

    I have worn Wigwam socks for years. These socks remind me of the old sweat socks I wore as a younger man. I have worn the Husky, which is an excellent sock. I have worn the 625. Another excellent choice. But I think the 132 might be the best of all. Or al least it will be until I wear one of the others. I wear these socks most everyday. - Wigwam 132 Crew Socks