We’re super fans of Smartwool. Since their beginning on a snowy Colorado mountainside, Smartwool has been guided by the simple belief that toes don’t have to be cold. Their quest to keep your feet comfortable led Smartwool around the world to Merino flocks in the southern hemisphere, where extreme weather causes sheep to grow a unique coat that keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This super soft, naturally insulating Merino wool is the heart and soul of Smartwool’s innovative fabrics and smart, capable outdoor socks and apparel. SHOP ALL SMARTWOOL

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What people are saying..

  1. Bill Says

    This is the most comfortable sock I have ever worn. My feet feel cool or warm depending on the weather. They never sweat in these. And they are so easy to pull on and off. - Smartwool Men's Hiker Street Socks

  2. LeeAnn Says

    I am a Smartwool junkie but my husband is not so willing to spend that kind of money on himself. So, I bought these for him for Valentine's day. He loves them and can't believe how superior they are, compared to other brands. Cozy warm with lots of cushion. - Smartwool Men's Hike Medium Crew Socks

  3. Lisa Says

    These are terrific socks; warm, durable, a good thickness, and the pattern looks great. I like them so well I ordered a 2nd pair in an alternate color. Great socks. - Smartwool Women's Sulawesi Stripe Crew Socks

  4. Beth Says

    I love wool socks, they're the only ones I wear. These are so well-made, with light cushioning so they're super comfortable. The over-the-calf style is great, no sliding down and they're not too tight. Perfectly comfortable. - Smartwool Women's Basic Knee High Socks