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Tips for Trick-or-Treating Safely

Tips for Trick-or-Treating Safely

Halloween is such a fun time of year with all the costumes and decorations, but it can definitely get spooky. Read along for our tips and tricks to keep the scaries away and have a fun and safe Halloween!  

#1: Costume Safety

Making smart choices about your or your child’s Halloween costume can help keep you safe!  

Choosing a costume with bright colors can help you be spotted easier and adding reflective tape if you’ll be out when it’s dark can make it even easier.  

If you live somewhere where it’s cold during Halloween, you know the struggle of your mom making you wear a jacket and having it totally ruin your costume. But it’s important to keep bundled up when the weather is cold, and make sure your costume is loose enough to fit over warm layers. Feet need to warm too, and we have great socks to warm up anyone’s feet!

Using non-toxic face makeup is a better alternative to wearing a full-face mask that can obstruct your vision, especially if you’re out after dark. And keep the pointy costume props like swords and knives away from the kids!

#2: Trick-or-Treating Safety

Now that you have your costume in check, here are some tips for trick-or-treating time! 

Always go trick-or-treating in groups! Accompany any kids under 12 and encourage the older trick-or-treaters to go with a group of friends. If your child is trick-or-treating without you, establish a familiar route for them to go around and set a curfew.  

Some other advice for making your trick-or-treating rounds: never go inside someone’s house for a treat, always carry a flashlight and a fully charged phone, and only approach well-lit homes.  

Even if it upsets your kids, don’t let them eat any candy until you get home so you can inspect it. While the chances of your kid’s candy being filled with something dangerous are pretty low, it’s still important to go through it and get rid of anything that isn’t sealed, has torn packaging, or just looks suspicious.

#3: Tips for Preparing for Trick-or-Treaters

If you are planning on giving out candy and joining in the Halloween fun, take the extra steps to make sure that other trick-or-treaters are safe too! 

Clear the pathway leading up to your house and remove any tripping hazards, like hoses or toys. Rake away any wet leaves and other sidewalk debris.  

Make sure your house is well-lit! Replace any burnt-out bulbs and even add any additional light sources if your house still isn’t bright enough.  

For all the pet-owners, make sure to keep your furry friend at bay during trick-or-treating time. You don’t want to risk them getting excited and potentially hurting someone, plus you never know if kids are allergic to your pet!  

Of course, you’ll need to stock up on candy, but also keep some fun Halloween stickers or pencils on hand for anyone with allergies. We want all trick-or-treaters to feel included and have fun!

#4: COVID-19 Safety Tips

We still want to be cautious about spreading germs this Halloween season!  

If you or your child are feeling sick come trick-or-treating time, it’s best to stay home and find a different Halloween activity you can do at home, like watching a movie or painting pumpkins.  

Bring hand sanitizer with you and use in between each house you stop at and teach little ones to cough or sneeze in their elbow away from others.  

Try to encourage social distancing- don't congregate in big groups waiting for your turn at each house, avoid going trick-or-treating with a large group, and try to stick to people within your household or close circle if you can! 

With these tips, your Halloween is sure to be filled with more treats than tricks. Happy Halloween!  


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