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    4 Ways to Stretch Your Feet and Toes + Socks That Can Help

    A good stretch will go a long way before you hit the gym, and while people often stretch their arms, shoulders, quads, and calves, they tend to forget to stretch their feet (yes, you can stretch your feet). Your feet are your base of support, the first connection to the rest of your body has to the ground. Even if you aren’t on your feet all day, they still receive the most pressure. Here are some ways you can stretch your feet to get them feeling better.

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    Best Socks for Yoga: ToeSox

    While yoga is typically performed barefoot, yogis and newcomers have increasingly decided to practice in socks. Socks provide an extra layer of protection, comfort, and grip so you don't slip on your yoga mat. One of our brands, ToeSox, specializes in socks for yoga and we're breaking it all down. Here is everything you need to know about yoga socks.

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