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    News — Seamless Socks

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    Back to School Socks

    Back to School Socks
    It’s that time of year again - back-to-school season! While you’re stocking up on notebooks and pencils, make sure you add the perfect socks to your supply list. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite picks for back-to-school! 

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    Sensory Sensitive: SmartKnit Seamless Socks

    Is Your Child Sensory-Sensitive?   

    Sensory issues affect all kinds of people, kids especially. If your child hyper-fixates on random arbitrary matters or is quickly bothered by clothing fabrics, labels, tags and seams they might have a sensory processing disorder. Don’t worry, we’ve got them covered. Check out our collection of seamless socks, perfect for those with sensory issues.   


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