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How to Choose Socks

Here at Socks Addict, we want to make your shopping experience a breeze. That’s why you can shop by brand, activity, sock length and more! When it comes to choosing socks, you shouldn’t have to think twice! We have a collection of socks organized by activity so your feet can be healthy and happy no matter what you’re up to.

Let your standard all cotton tube socks be a thing of the past and get socks that are engineered for different activities! With their own specific materials and features, there’s no doubt your feet will thank you. Here’s everything you should consider when choosing socks.

Sock Materials

Did you know we have about 250,000 sweat glands on our feet? You don’t want your socks soaking all that up, do you? The fabric content of your socks matters just as much as the shoes on your feet! All of our performance socks wick sweat away from your feet so you can stay dry and comfortable. Check out our full guide for sock materials here.

Socks by Activity

Casual: Our collection of casual socks features a variety of styles, patterns, fabrics, and technologies to get you through your day. Whether you need a durable sock to accompany you throughout your day’s errands, or something cozy for the couch, our brands have you covered. They offer anywhere from no-show to thigh high in lengths, including tights so you can find what you need for any occasion. No matter your lifestyle, you can’t go wrong--there’s a sock for everyone.

Materials: Merino Wool / Synthetic Fibers

Length: No Show to Thigh High & Tights

Running: Whether you’re going for a quick loop around the neighborhood or a long run on the trails, we’ve got the socks you need to reach the finish line. Our running socks are durable, breathable and repel bacteria and odors when you're laying down the miles. Featuring targeted cushioning, a True Seamless construction to reduce hot spots and blisters, and compression for optimum performance. They all have fibers that hold moisture and still keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer so your feet are comfortable no matter when you run.

Materials: Merino Wool / Synthetic Fibers

Length: No Show to Knee High

Hiking: Whether you’re hitting the trails for the day or for the month, you’ll need a good pair of hiking socks. We offer brands with the best sock technologies to keep your feet happy on your hike. Most feature Merino wool to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter no matter when you hike. They are also durable, breathable, antimicrobial and moisture-wicking to keep unwanted odors at bay and prevent clamminess and blisters. Nonetheless, their cushioning and support are made for mileage. So get out there, start your trek, and experience the comfort of our hiking socks.

Materials: Merino Wool / Synthetic Fibers

Length: No Show to Knee High

Skiing and Snowboarding: Most of our socks for winter sport are knee-high in length to protect your legs from the elements. Featuring cushioning, seamless toe closures, and Merino wool to keep you warm when the temperature really drops. Try our socks for winter sports today. Whether you’re tearing up the slopes all day or all weekend, our brands have comfort and durability covered.

Materials: Merino Wool / Synthetic Fibers

Length: Crew to Knee High

Cycling: Hop on the saddle and hammer through your ride with our collection of top-notch cycling socks. Whether you prefer single tracks, rugged riding or long ribbons of road, our brands have a sock for every cyclist. We stock cycling socks that are durable and breathable. Some feature compression for optimum performance and all of our cycling socks have padding and blister prevention for comfort, as well as antimicrobial properties to repel bacteria and odor when you're laying down the miles.

Materials: Merino Wool / Synthetic Fibers

Length: No Show to Knee High

Hunting & Fishing: Whether you’re knee deep in leaves or hunkered down in a blind, keep your feet cozy with our hunting and fishing socks. Featuring Merino Wool to control and absorb moisture, and cushioning where you need it most, our hunting and fishing socks typically range from crew to knee-high in length so you can stay warm, dry, and comfortable no matter how long you’re out there.

Materials: Merino Wool / Some Synthetic Fibers

Length: Crew to Knee High

Compression: We stock compression socks for a variety of activities and conditions. Compression helps maintain proper circulation to the lower extremities. Whether you’re a runner, traveler, experience leg or foot pain or discomfort, or have health conditions that require you to wear compression, we’ve got a solution for you. Most feature graduated compression, which means the strongest support of the garment is at the ankles, and gradually decreases towards the top (closest to the knee). Experience the comfort of our compression socks today!

Materials: Merino Wool / Synthetic Fibers / Some Cotton

Length: No Show to Knee High (mainly knee high)

Diabetic: Don’t let diabetes get in the way of living a full life. We supply sock brands with the most important sock technologies when it comes to diabetic foot problems. Let your discomfort be a thing of the past. Our diabetic socks are non-binding and moisture-wicking with cushioning where you need it most. Also featuring a seamless toe closure for comfort and stay-put legs so your socks won’t move, even when you do. Keep your feet happy with our diabetic socks.

Materials: Synthetic Fibers

Length: Mini Crew to Knee High

Travel: Our travel socks feature gradient compression to help relieve tired, achy, legs and feet that people often experience during a long travel day. Gradient compression socks deliver a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases toward the top of the stocking to help improve circulation, prevent swelling, and energize legs and feet. Also featuring moisture wicking fibers and extra thickness for added comfort.

Materials: Merino Wool / Synthetic Fibers / Some Cotton

Length: Crew to Knee High

Check out our Golf Socks, Walking Socks, Yoga Socks, Gym/Fitness Socks, Work Socks and more!

Specialized Socks

Liner Socks: Our liner socks are made up of thin fibers that help wick sweat away from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable. Typically worn under a hiking sock (or other), thin liners also help prevent blisters.

Materials: Thin Polyester / Nylon / Lightweight Wool / Other Natural and Synthetic Fibers

Length: Crew to Knee High, Some No Show, and ¼ Crew

Sock Features

Each of our socks is engineered with specific features to keep your feet happy. Our socks range anywhere from ultra light to extra heavy with varying thickness when it comes to fabric weight.

Length: The length of our socks varies by activity. For example, you won’t find any show socks in our winter sports section, which is made up of mostly knee-high socks. Likewise, you will find both no show and knee-high socks in our running sock section. Basically, the length of your socks is just based on preference.

Fit: Socks can’t do their job unless they fit you properly! Socks should fit you snug in the toe and heel. Make sure to follow the size charts and brand guides to make sure you’re getting the correct size. You should also keep thickness in mind, as you don’t want your shoes to feel too loose or too tight.

Padding/Cushioning: Varying by activity, our socks offer targeted cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot for comfort and protection. Extra padding and cushioning are typically created by increasing the density of the weave or by weaving long-wearing synthetic materials into those specific areas.

Arch Support: Some of our socks offer a tighter, more supportive weave in the arch of the sock to improve support. This is especially important if you have an extremely high arch, flat feet, or plantar fasciitis, as it can help relieve discomfort. But remember, your shoes are actually more important when it comes to arch support!

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