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Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays 

This year, we're all at home and things may look a little different this holiday season. Whether you're hosting a small, safe gathering or you're celebrating with loved ones via Facetime or Zoom, we're here to help bring joy into your home this year. We've got cozy decoration ideas, tips for hosting a small gathering, and virtual holiday celebration suggestions, all wrapped up in this article. 


Cozying Up 

Just because no one is coming over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some festive décor! 

Decorate with natural décor delivered locally!

One way to decorate during the holidays is with natural looking decorations like garland on the stair railings and mantel, poinsettias for the dining room, or holly wreaths for the doors. This year, see if you're able to get fresh decorations delivered from a local nursery – no contact delivery and supporting a local business? Win-win! If fresh isn’t your thing, faux decorations dug out from storage will do the trick too. 

DIY citrus decorations

Looking for a twist on the same old decorations you pull out of the attic every year? There are lots of ways to make new holiday decorations with items that you probably already have lying around the house! This year, dried citrus garland is a popular DIY and it’s super easy to make! All you need is your oven, some parchment paper, and any kind of citrus fruit. Another fun DIY decoration idea is salt dough ornaments – this one is great for families with kidsThese ornaments only require three ingredients: flour, salt, and water, and they can be cut out easily with cookie cutters. You also may need some craft supplies like glitter or paint to add some flare to your ornaments, and Mod Podge if you’re looking to keep them for years to come. 

Fill your home with the soft twinkle of lights!

What is cozier than the soft twinkling of lights in the evening? Whether you celebrate by decorating a tree or by lighting holiday candles, the warm glow of lights can uplift your mood and get you in the holiday spirit. One great way to bring even more twinkly lights into your home is to line your doorways, windowsills, or stair railings with LED string lights. If you’re more into the natural flicker of candlelight, there is nothing better than lighting your favorite seasonal candle and wrapping up in a big blanket on the couch with a good book or to watch your latest Netflix obsession. 


Gathering 'Round 

If you plan on hosting an in-person celebration this year, it is most likely smaller than holidays in the past. Since this year’s gatherings will be smaller, you’ll need to plan accordingly – especially when it comes to food! You can avoid weeks of leftovers by adjusting the portion sizes of your traditional holiday recipes.  

Ask loved ones to share holiday recipes this year.

Many people won’t be seeing extended families this year. On top of missing out on the company of loved ones, you’re also missing out on their wonderful home-cooked dishes! After all, what is Christmas dinner without Aunt Sally’s infamous casserole or Cousin Jake’s pie? Try asking for your favorite holiday recipes from family members that you won’t see this year. They'll probably be happy to pass down the recipe and you’ll have the comfort and familiarity of their signature dish at your small gathering this year. 


4 Piece Craft Bar Set from A Bar Above

No matter who you’re hosting this year, you can still celebrate with spirits! There are so many holiday cocktail ideas out there, but you’ll need the proper tools to make them. You’re sure to impress your guests with drinks made with this Craft Bar Set from A Bar AboveThis set includes a two-piece shaker, strainer, and a Jigger. All pieces are made with food-grade stainless steel and are dishwasher safeso cleanup is easy! 


Celebrating Virtually 

For some, home isn’t close to loved onesOr maybe you aren’t seeing extended family to keep everyone safe and well this year. Regardless of the reasoning, a virtual holiday celebration is in store for many this holiday seasonJust because you’re not gathering in person doesn’t mean your traditions are lost! Try some of these virtual or socially distanced adaptations of popular holiday traditions.  

Host virtual Secret Santa parties

If your holiday gathering is usually centered around Secret Santa or White Elephant, you don't have to give it up! Try a service like Elfster, or have someone gather names and randomly assign them to other people. Then once everyone’s gifts arrive, have a virtual party where everyone opens their gifts together! 

Host a virtual cookie decorating party

Maybe you’re already planning a virtual holiday celebration, but you think there should be some sort of structure or activity for everyone to focus on. Contests are a fun way to make everyone feel included and give you all something to share and talk about! You could organize a holiday pajama contest or holiday decoration contest. Everyone would show their outfit or decorations on screen and you could send the winner a prize! If you’re less into structure and competition, you could organize a cookie decorating party. This will give your virtual party the feel of an in-person holiday, as everyone can have casual conversation or tell stories while decorating their cookies. Just be sure to tell your guests to have cookies and decorating supplies ready or deliver the supplies to them before the party as a fun surprise! 

Hand deliver wrapped gifts to loved ones

There’s no doubt about it, exchanging gifts is difficult this year. Since you might not be able to see everyone in person this year, ship the gift straight to your loved one while you’re shopping online. You could also put together a care package containing many gifts, big or small, and ship that to anyone on your list. If your loved ones are close by, you could still wrap their gifts and leave them on their porch. However your gifts are arriving this year, you can still open gifts together over a video call. If you’re concerned about gifts arriving on time, send them an e-gift card and let them choose their own gift in the new year.  


However and wherever you’re celebrating this holiday season, we wish you peace and wellness. Happy Holidays, from your friends at Socks Addict. 

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