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Best Socks for Triathletes: Swim, Bike, and Run

Trudge through your next triathlon with the best socks for triathletes! While you won’t need socks for swimming, you’ll likely want to keep your feet dry and comfortable through the cycling and running legs of your triathlon. And don’t worry about your transition times, we’ve got your feet covered with the best socks for your next triathlon.  

One thing many triathletes are concerned about during the race is their transition times (time to change between sports). A lot of experienced triathletes opt for no socks for this reason, but they could save you from blisters and discomfort in the long run (literally), so you might want to give them a try before considering yourself a triathlon superstar. In fact, even the professionals had to work their way up to wearing no socks for their races.

Triathlons consist of 5 sections:

  1. Swim time is from the start of the swim to the beginning of the first transition
  2. T1 time is from the beginning of the first transition to the end of the first transition
  3. Cycling time is from the start of the cycling to the end of the cycling leg
  4. T2 time is from the beginning of the second transition to the end of the second transition
  5. Run time is from the start of the run to the end of the run, at which time the triathlon is completed

You won’t be wearing socks for your swim, but as soon as you hit T1, you’ll likely want to throw on some socks for the remainder of your race (the cycling and running legs). To save you time during the transition, we suggest you set your stuff up to make it easier for you. We recommend putting the socks on and rolling them down to your toes. That way, when you come in to put them on, all you have to do is slide your toes in and roll them up your foot.

Pro Tip: If you do want to opt out of wearing socks, make sure to do a few short bike rides and runs without them to see how you feel. Trust us, you don’t want to see what it’s like for the first time on race day.

The best socks for triathlons are made of Merino wool and stretchy synthetic fibers like spandex, stretch nylon, and more. These materials will wick away sweat and moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The best socks are also durable, seamless, and offer some cushioning for added comfort (which is ultimately based on your preference). Most triathletes prefer a low cut sock that comes just above the heel, while others prefer a quarter sock that covers the ankle.

In fact, Wigwam, one of our top brands, has been the official sock of the IronMan Triathlon since 1994. Featuring a foot-hugging fit, seamless toe closures, cushioned soles, and X2O Acrylic Fibers to keep you dry and prevent odor, Wigwam’s IronMan socks will help you cross that finish line. Check out the best socks for your next triathlon.

Best Socks for Triathletes 

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