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Best Socks for Hunting

Heading out to the woods soon? Hunting season is finally near, which means it's time to get those ducks and deer. Whether you're knee deep in leaves or hunkered down in a blind, keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable with our high-quality hunting socks so you can stay out there longer!

Our outdoor hunting socks range anywhere from crew to over the calf in length to protect you from the elements. Also featuring merino wool to keep your feet warm and padding to keep your feet comfortable, you'll be happy out there no matter what.

Socks made of merino wool and other synthetic fabrics are great for wicking moisture away from your feet, keeping them warm and dry. In fact, merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water and still not feet wet!

Save some room for your feet in your boots! Many people think "the thicker, the better" when it comes to warm socks. However, that isn't always the case. It's all about the material. In fact, if you're wearing boots, you shouldn't wear socks that are too thick. If a thick sock causes enough pressure on the foot, it could cut off circulation to your toes, and you definitely don't want that. As a rule of thumb, you should make sure you have enough room to move and wiggle your toes comfortably in your socks and boots.

5 factors to consider when buying hunting socks:

  • Durability is important when buying any type of sock, so don’t overlook it! You don’t want your new hunting socks to have holes after just one season, do you? Buy socks that last and last with our high-quality hunting socks from top-quality brands.
  • Moisture management and anti-odor are great to look out for, especially if you’re going to be in boots walking out to your blind. Wearing socks made of merino wool will help keep your feet dry and odor-free with its moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties so you don’t have to worry about taking your boots off at the end of the day.
  • Warmth is probably the most important factor to consider when buying socks for cold-weather outdoor activities like hunting, and merino wool will work to keep your toes toasty! Ideally, socks should keep you warm for at least 10 hours, especially if you’re out in the snow, so don’t settle!
  • Comfort is something you should NEVER sacrifice. Our hunting socks are made of merino wool and offer warmth and cushioning where you need it most so you can focus on the hunt instead of your feet!
  • Price because you don’t want to break the bank! But you do want good socks, and you get what you pay for. All of our hunting socks are anywhere from $10-$30 but you can find some in our clearance section as well.

Best Socks for Hunting

Head out to the woods worry-free with our collection of high-quality hunting socks.

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