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About Wrightsock

Wrightsock™ was established in 1948 and is now a third generation, family-owned sock company manufacturing all of its products in North Carolina USA. Wrightsock™ offers the proven and patented Double Layer Anti-Blister System™ and was the first company to offer a 'Blister Free Guarantee'.

Wrightsocks were once only considered for long distance runners, such as marathon and ultramarathon runners. Today they are used in many other sports and outdoor activities and they are more popular than ever amongst the running community.   

Double Layer Anti-Blister System™

The inner layer of the sock fits snug to your foot and contains undyed moisture management fibers to wick moisture away. If there is any friction, it’s between the two layers of socks (not your skin and the sock). The outer layers are then specifically constructed for each activity or desired thickness.

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