Jim Throneburg, whose dream was to be the best in the world at foot protection, invented the Thorlos brand in the early 1980s. Thorlos prides itself on a culture of sustainability and you guessed it, foot protection.   

At Thorlos, everyone is committed to craftsmanship, quality, value, and the benefits of padded socks and comfortable feet. The key to the comfort and protection you experience when wearing Thorlos is their core sock technology: the clinically-tested padding. Each sock is crafted with their exclusive THORLON yarn and other yarn blends and fabrics to wick moisture away, ensuring a protective environment for your feet. The padding is denser where your foot typically experiences peak friction: in the ball and heel, and less dense in the arch for a better fit.  

Thorlos socks are made exclusively in the United States -- in North Carolina.  

Fun Fact: Throrlos is one of the largest sock manufacturers to make high-quality socks specifically for military service.       

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