Is Your Child Sensory-Sensitive?   

Sensory issues affect all kinds of people, kids especially. If your child hyper-fixates on random arbitrary matters or is quickly bothered by clothing fabrics, labels, tags and seams they might have sensory processing disorder. Don’t worry, we’ve got them covered. Check out our collection of seamless socks, perfect for those with sensory issues.   

Sensory processing disorder may affect one sense, like hearing, touch, or taste, or it may affect multiple senses. In this case, we’re talking about tactile defensiveness, or tactile sensitivity (hypersensitivity to touch). Children with tactile defensiveness will often avoid touching, become fearful of, or bothered by clothing fabrics, textured items, tags, seams on socks, and more.

Are mornings hectic? Does it take twice as long as it should to get your little one ready? Does your child scream and hide when it’s time to put on their socks because they’re too itchy? Too stiff? Too bumpy? Too lumpy? Too painful? Or too uncomfortable?   

While most children outgrow these sensory issues, we have a solution to make your mornings a little less stressful: seamless socks -- no seams to bug them!  

Seamless Socks

Patented SmartKnit® seamless socks prevent skin irritations and eliminate pressure points found in other traditional socks.

SmartKnit Kids Seamless Sensitivity Socks - $7.97


With their seamless design, SmartKnitKIDS socks are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorder, or for those who just hate socks with seams. Featuring a comfortable non-binding Halo Top™ to prevent slipping or irritating indentations, a soft material that “hugs” feet for a form-fitting design, and high-tech fibers to wick away moisture, keep feet dry and prevent odors. These socks also have a “no heel” design so kids can put these socks on themselves (there’s no wrong way!) and a no defined heel means longer wear for growing kids (and fewer socks you have to buy). Available in charcoal, navy, pink, purple, and white. Also available for big kids.  

Looking to buy in bulk? These socks come in a 6 pack and a 12 pack.

“Our favorite socks!

These socks are great, and the only ones my son will wear! They have relieved us of our daily morning struggle with his socks. Totally worth the money, and they hold up great as well. He's worn them for over a year, and not one hole has appeared!” Thanks Merianne S.

*6 packs and 12 packs are also available for girls. They come with a variety of pink, purple, and white socks.  


“Great socks

These socks are wonderful. My granddaughter used to wiggle and cry and struggle to adjust her socks...couldn't stand the feel of the seam. These socks solved the problem! She loves them and I'm a customer for life!” Thanks Lois Y.

“Happy Campers

I have twin 4-year-olds and one of them loves your Seamless Sensitivity Socks. This product has improved my mornings greatly. Thank you for the quality and comfort of socks for my girls.” Thanks Mitzi B.

If you’re an adult and you hate uncomfortable seams, no worries, we have socks for you too! Try the SmartKnit Seamless Diabetic Mini-Crew, Crew, Over-the-Calf, and Boot Socks.  

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