Thorlos Women’s Everyday Walker Socks    

We're celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this walking sock is searching for more supporters!             

GENDER: Ladies only!   
HEIGHT: ¼ Crew
MATERIAL: 2% Spandex, 72% THOR•WICK® COOL, 26% Nylon
BODY TYPE: Lightweight
FAVORITE COLOR(S): Pink and white, of course!
INTERESTS: Walking, working out, and supporting breast cancer research!          

More power to you, ladies! If you’ve ever wanted to join a breast cancer awareness walk, now is your chance because I’m the most supportive sock out there! Enjoy a walk or light workout while supporting breast cancer research with me on your feet. Featuring pink color pads and a pink breast cancer monogram so you don’t have to be shy when you show your true colors here.

I’m specifically engineered for women to provide better protection from blisters, foot pain, and discomfort. I’m also constructed with THOR•WICK® COOL fibers to wick moisture away and keep your feet drier and cooler while you’re out there! My cushioned arch for a better fit offers more support and more comfort so your feet will be happy no matter how long you’re on your feet.

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