You know that moment when you’re folding socks from the laundry and you realize that some of your socks have parted ways with their buddies? You’ll likely toss them in your missing sock pile and the pair may never reunite. Heartbreaking (and annoying), we know.  

Ready to let go and move on? First, let’s take some time to remember the fallen. Today is May 9th, National Lost Sock Memorial Day!

Clean out all of your partnerless socks. Make sock puppets, turn them into dust rags or upcycle them for other fun projects!

Say your final goodbyes to your long lost socks on #LostSockMemorialDay, and say hello to some new uses for those lonesome singles! Share your projects with us using #socksquad and check out:

5 Ways to Never Lose a Sock Again

We truly feel for all the lost socks out there and want to give them the recognition they deserve. Losing a sock is truly devastating for us socks addicts.

Here are 5 ways to NEVER lose a sock again:

  1. Buy socks that are all the same (that way they all have a match no matter what)

  2. Pin socks together instead of folding (in the wash and in the drawer)

  3. Use a mesh laundry bag to wash socks in

  4. Do a load of ONLY socks

  5. Match your socks as soon as you fold your laundry     

There’s no getting back what you’ve lost, but take heart, your missing socks are in a better place and they’d want you to be happy. If you’re ready to put yourself back out there, check out Meet Your Match and learn to love again!