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We're SocksAddict.com and we’ve completely redesigned our website to make it even easier to bring you the best gosh-darned socks on the planet. 

We’re a dream on mobile devices and we've also set up landing pages for our top brands, SmartwoolWigwam and Darn Tough so you can find all your favorites on one page! 

If you’re already part of our #socksquad, reset your account password and a coupon for double reward points on your next order will auto-magically appear in your inbox. If you don’t have an account, sign up and get 500 reward points!

Reward points, you say? What is this sorcery?

The Socks Addict Rewards Club is our way of saying thanks to our loyal customers. You are smart, you are kind and you deserve a way to turn your socks addiction into discounts and freebies.

Sign up and earn 5 points for every dollar you spend. Get double points on orders over $100! Redeem your points just like cash at checkout. 

Help Us Help You

Normally, we don’t dwell on the past – but your order history is the exception! Please call Socks Addict customer service at 1-855-363-4979 if you need info on your previous purchases.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to iron out all the wrinkles on the new SocksAddict.com.

SocksAddict.com is all about sourcing and stocking (sorry, dad joke!) socks that are so awesome, so comfortable, and so durable, you'll have no reason to shop anywhere else.

To make sure that we’re always improving, please feel free to send feedback, questions and high fives to [email protected]