While yoga is typically performed barefoot, yogis and newcomers have increasingly decided to practice in socks. Socks provide an extra layer of protection, comfort, and grip so you don't slip on your yoga mat. One of our brands, ToeSox, specializes in socks for yoga and we're breaking it all down. Here is everything you need to know about yoga socks.

About Yoga Socks

Those who prefer to wear socks while practicing yoga typically wear them for the grip. Socks designed for yoga feature non-slip and non-skid grips on the soles for secure footing on a range of floor surfaces, including yoga mats. Yoga socks also come with features such as a raised heel tab, padding around the Achilles' tendon, and a fitted heel to eliminate bunching.

Even though the grippy feel of yoga socks undoubtedly helps yogis hold poses more comfortably, that’s not the only reason folks might wear yoga socks. They also act as another layer of comfort and protection against germs in the studio while you’re practicing. Others might also wear them as a fashion statement. Either way, we’re into this trend.

Pro Tip: You should also check for styles designed with a split toe or five-toe silhouette. This feature encourages toes to spread for a healthier experience.

About ToeSox

ToeSox, one of our brands, created the original five-toe grip socks to help people during barefoot fitness classes like yoga, Pilates, barre, and dance. For 10 years they have been creating and innovating socks and other products with the intention of enhancing and supporting natural movement regardless of the activity.  

Their grip design provides terrific traction while still giving the sensation that you’re doing yoga, barefoot (or activities alike). Their five toe sock design helps spread your five toes to create a broader foundation on which to balance (something that yogis have known for years). They also offer socks in a wide range of colors and patterns so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

ToeSox We Recommend:

Full Toe Low Rise Grip Sock (or half toe) - $15.00

“These socks rock!
I've been doing yoga for years and have always been frustrated with the battle between my feet and the mat! These socks made peace between them! No more slipping! I love these socks!” Thanks, Lise.

Half Toe Bella Grip Sock (or full toe at $16) - $18.00

“Love the style and comfort of the Bella ToeSox. I wear them for Pilates and recommend them for others to try. Five stars!” Thanks, Mary.

Full Toe Ankle Grip Socks - $15.00     

“ToeSox for Pilates
Love these ToeSox brand for Pilates class. They grip well for reformer and mat class. They wear well and my last pair lasted a couple of years before fading. I do not hand wash them and sometimes forget and put them in the dryer without consequences.” Thanks, Karen.

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