Walks are enjoyable, relaxing activities that you can do to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors around you. Whether you're walking the dog, walking for exercise, or walking for solitude, you're going to want to invest in the proper socks. Luckily, we stock top-quality sock brands who engineer socks that are perfect for walking.     

Walking socks? You mean the socks I wear every day? Not unless they're a good pair of moisture-wicking socks with padding where you need it!  

Walking Socks: What You Should Consider

First off, you should ditch those white cotton socks you thought were great and try some high-quality moisture-wicking socks made of Merino wool and other acrylic and synthetic fibers.

Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water without feeling wet, while cotton can only absorb up to 10-14% of its own weight in water and STILL feel wet. This is because the fibers in Merino wool wick sweat and moisture away, while cotton just plain absorbs it.

Since blisters thrive in warm and wet environments, the cooler and dryer you can get your feet, the better. Moisture wicking socks are a great way to prevent and protect your feet from blisters because they wick sweat away from your feet, which keeps them dry and comfortable.   

You'll also want to look for padding in key areas such as the heel, ball of foot, and toes to keep your feet protected and comfortable. Socks also come in a variety of thickness so make sure you're getting a pair that suits your needs and your lifestyle.        

Best Socks for Walking

Thorlos Men’s Walking Ankle Socks (and Women) - $14.99 / $11.24 - SALE ENDS TODAY

Enjoy a walk in warmer weather with low stress on the feet, for men and women who prefer less bulk. Specifically engineered to provide better protection from blisters, foot pain or discomfort.   

Thorlos Women’s Walking Crew Socks (and Men) - $15.99 / $11.99 - SALE ENDS TODAY

Featuring a low profile toe seam, moisture-wicking fibers, and padding in the ball and heel to absorb shock, these socks are specifically engineered for protection and comfort while walking.

Thorlos Walking Crew Socks (and Women’s Everyday Walker Socks)- $14.99 / $11.24- SALE ENDS TODAY

Enjoying active walks on the track, around the neighborhood or out in the countryside resulting in low to moderate stress on the feet. Specifically engineered to deliver protection and comfort for any walker prone to blisters, foot pain, or discomfort.

*Women’s Everyday Walker Socks support breast cancer research.

Balega Enduro V-Tech Quarter Socks - $13.00

Have you ever worn a sock that perfectly matches the contours of your foot without constricting it? Balega VTech arch support system gives you that- a structured fit. Not too tight, just right.

Smartwool Walk Light Mini Socks - $14.95


Back by popular demand - Smartwool's Walking Light Crew is perfect for cooler weather trekking. Features SmartWool Fit System, along with a waffle knit flex zone, flat knit toe seam, and reinforced sole.

Smartwool Walk Light Crew Socks - $15.95

“Best socks I've come across, bar none.
Very comfortable and good for your feet. They don't hold moisture that harbors bacteria and makes your feet stink. Great for everyday use, walking, and hiking.” Thanks, Daniel.

Drymax Walking V3 Mini-Crew Socks - $11.00

The Drymax Walking Mini Crew socks contain a dual-layer moisture removal system that stays dry by moving sweat out and away from your feet. When you sweat, water is repelled by the inner hydrophobic layer to the outer hydrophilic Drymax layer, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Other walking socks rely on moisture-wicking fibers that use the slow process of evaporation. Drymax Walking Socks’ high-density padding relieves pressure points in the heel forefoot and toes, providing protection during fitness and power walking and comfort during a leisurely stroll. Drymax Walking Socks are designed for use in cool to warm conditions.

Wrightsock Coolmesh II Low Quarter Socks - $12.00


The Wrightsock CoolMesh II 804 Low Quarter (Mini Crew) Socks are a lightweight, versatile sock for all activities in a comfortable Mini-Crew cut. Wrightsock's Double Layer Anti-blister system reduces friction between your feet and shoes, eliminating blisters. The Dri-WRIGHT II system wicks moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable. The Stabilizer Zone helps lock the sock in place, further reducing blisters. One of Wrightsock's top sellers and their lightest-weight double layer line of socks, we know that the CoolMesh II series will keep you blister free so you can keep pounding the pavement. The CoolMesh II is also available in a No Show with Tab (Style 803) cut, a Quarter Crew cut (Style 805) and a full Crew cut (Style 806).

Swiftwick Aspire Zero No Show Sock - $12.99  

Firm compression provides contoured support for walking, running, cycling, triathlon and other endurance sports. ASPIRE has Swiftwick’s widest selection of cuff heights and colors. Sits just below the ankle with a minimal extension above your shoe.

BENEFITS OF EVERY SWIFTWICK SOCK: CONTOURED COMPRESSION FIT: Contours and supports every hill and valley of your foot. No bunching and no voids. FIBER FIRST MOISTURE WICKING: High-performance fibers are sculpted into breathable designs constructed to move moisture. BLISTER-FREE DRY PERFORMANCE: The outcome of two Swiftwick fundamentals: Contoured Compression Fit and Fiber First Moisture Wicking.

Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Quarter Crew Socks - $9.99

The Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon Quarter Crew Socks are designed to keep your feet protected, dry, and comfortable during the toughest workouts. Light on weight and heavy on performance, the CoolMax fibers, and Fox River's Wick Dry technology ensure your feet stay dry and blister-free. A foot-hugging fit and URfit System (see below for more information) prevents blisters and slippage. Vented panels remove moisture, and keep you dry and blister-free. The Fox River Wick Dry Triathlon are also available in an Ankle (No Show) and Crew height.

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