Fall is here! But that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the skirts and dresses, ladies. Forget about all the pain in the butt things that happen when you wear tights and enjoy full leg coverage with Smartwool’s merino wool tights! Perfectly paired with a skirt and boots, you’ll be the talk of the season.   

You might be thinking, wool tights?! Are you crazy? No, we’re not. In fact, merino wool is super soft and can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water and STILL not feel wet. That’s right. Merino wool is moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating and breathable so you won’t be experiencing any itchy, wet, sweaty or chilly feet and legs in these tights!

Worried about your nails ripping your tights? Merino wool is a durable fabric that won’t rip or tear from a lousy nail! How about constantly having to hike them up just so they can fall down again or correcting an LTC (lowering tights crotch)? You don’t have to worry about any of that with Smartwool’s merino tights because they keep their shape and stay in place no matter how long you wear them.       

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Best Smartwool Tights  

Smartwool Women’s The Tight II - $46.95


A basic tight with a supportive arch brace that every woman should have in every color.

Amazing tights
These tights are unbelievable. First of all they are really comfy and extremely warm. I live in Chicago and the winters can get really cold. However wearing these tights along with boots and a dress I feel as warm as I would if I was wearing pants. These tights cannot be beat!!!!!!!!” Thanks, Laura.


This was the first time I had ordered these tights. I am amazed how warm they are and how they keep their shape all day long. They are outstanding.” Thanks, Catherine.

Smartwool Women’s Chevron Tights - $46.95 / $23.98

Smartwool Women’s Arabica Tight - $46.95

Live life in the bold, modern aesthetic of colorful stripes. With pattern from waist to toe, the stripes carry on no matter where your skirt hits. An intelligent Merino blend lends ultimate comfort and an arch brace adds support.

Smartwool Women’s Celestial Sky Tights - $46.95

Dresses and skirts don't have to be grounded in winter thanks to temperature-regulating Merino tights. A supportive arch brace adds support to these warm, comfortable tights.

Smartwool Girl’s Whirlgig Tight - $36.95 / $22.17

Dresses don't have to take a back seat in cool weather thanks to the Whirlgig. Merino helps keep her warm and comfy, while the dots add some extra fun to those cold winter days.

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