Say goodbye to cold, clammy feet and hello to warmth and comfort! Don’t let frozen toes keep you from shredding the slopes this winter. You need high-quality knee-high ski socks so you can stay out there longer! Luckily we’ve rounded up the best socks for skiing and snowboarding to make your shopping a breeze! Find out what goes into making the perfect ski sock, right here.  

Ski socks have a few simple tasks: keep you warm, fit well, stay in place, and wick moisture. When looking for a ski sock you need to consider the material, length (typically over-the-calf), thickness and cushioning, shin padding, and of course durability. All of these factors go into engineering a sock specifically for the slopes and we’re breaking it all down.  

Ski and Snowboard Socks: Sock Materials

Merino wool is the best in the game, as it is able to keep the body at an even temperature by insulating instead of trapping heat. The fine fibers have a natural crimp to them, which helps trap dead air and act as an insulator and a buffer against cold air and conditions. Merino wool is also temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking, breathable and antibacterial, meaning it can keep you comfortable through a wide range of temperatures, wicks moisture away to keep your feet dry and warm, and gets rid of that clammy sweaty smell.

The best socks for skiing and snowboarding are made of Merino wool and other synthetic fibers so your feet can be warm, dry and comfortable while you’re out there.  

Ski and Snowboard Socks: Thickness and Cushioning

Thickness and cushioning vary in ski socks. Typically people may think “the thicker the better” when it comes to wearing socks with boots in the winter, but that’s actually not the case. If your socks are too thick and tight in your boots, they have the possibility of cutting off circulation, leaving you with frozen toes. Instead, consider something lightweight (remember, warmth doesn’t always come from thickness, but rather materials).

Lightweight socks are actually perfect for skiers and snowboarders. They offer enough cushioning around and under the foot and they’re not too bulky to where they feel uncomfortable in your boots.  

Ski and Snowboard Socks: Shin Padding

Ah, the relentless shin-bangs. Take the sting away and make sure to get ski socks with shin padding for protection. There are a few different causes for a shin bang: boots too big or too loose, a lack of a footbed or booster strap, or simply just the way you shred the slopes. If your boots happen to be too big or too loose, adding a pair of cushioned socks might even help your shin bang problem.

Ski and Snowboard Socks: Durability

Like all socks, you definitely want your ski socks to be durable so they can make it through more than one season. Even though our socks are made from high-quality and fairly durable materials, the lifespan of your socks is really all about how you’re taking care of them. You can learn how to wash them here

Some of our brands like Smartwool and Darn Tough also offer 100% satisfaction guarantees if you aren’t happy with their socks.  

Compression Socks for Skiing and Snowboarding

For years now compression has been a trend in running and performance gear, and brands have been carrying that into their ski sock collection. The goal of compression socks is to improve blood flow and warmth, as well as reduce muscle fatigue, which can greatly help you when you’re on the slopes. Compression socks are also tight and fit more securely on your leg, preventing any uncomfortable problems you might have with other socks.

Best Socks for Skiing and Snowboarding  

Smartwool Men’s PhD Ski Light Elite Pattern Socks (and Women) - $24.95

When the snow flies, it's time to pull on a pair of slope-shredding socks. With targeted cushion at the shin, the 4 Degree elite fit, and key ventilation zones for increased breathability, our PhD Ski Light Elite Pattern sock packs the confidence to hit any run. Being humble, they're happy to give all that confidence to you.

Smartwool Women’s PhD Ski Light Socks (and Men) - $24.95

The PhD® Ski Light helps keep your feet warm and dry even on the longest days. We placed cushioning where skiers need it most: on the shin to combat shin bang and on the bottom of the foot for warmth and impact protection. Patent-pending Indestructawool™ technology provides ultimate durability to make sure your socks are ready to go, run after run, while a women's-specific fit offers a narrower heel and overall slimmer fit.

Darn Tough Women’s Function 5 Over-The-Calf Padded Cushion Sock (and Men) - $28.00

We'll admit—we seriously geeked out over Darn Tough's designed this sock. Their goal was to create the perfect fusion between boot and sock. The result was the Function 5. Darn Tough worked closely with boot fitters to dial in five precisely located comfort pads that diminish pressure points for the ultimate fit. Shin padding protects from "shin bang" while Achilles padding reduces heel lift. They even developed a pad zone that protects the top of the foot from second buckle pressure. Plus nothing feels better than the warmth Merino Wool provides when the mercury drops. If you're a sock geek you'll love the attention to detail we put into this sock. Still made in Vermont. Guaranteed for life.

Wigwam Snow Sirocco Sock - $15.00

The Wigwam Snow Sirocco Knee High Socks are a true Wigwam classic. They just don't make them like this anymore. This fully cushioned wool snowsport sock features a reinforced heel, toe and shin panel, so you can hit the slopes hard. The Wigwam Snow Sirocco Knee High Socks keep your feet comfortable, warm and dry; so it's time to call it a day when you say it is.

CEP Men’s Progressive+ Ski Merino Socks (and Women) - $65.00 / $52.00

Now you can finally get ski socks that don’t make you choose between sweating (because they are heat insulating) and freezing (because they are breathable). Feet stay dry and legs enjoy a pleasant climate, no matter what the weather conditions. Made possible by the clever combination of merino wool and water-repellent synthetic fibers for perfect heat and moisture management. Add the protective padding and deliberately thinner compression knitting and you’ve got an innovative product that delivers superior comfort and impressive performance.

Darn Tough Kid’s Padded Over The Calf Light Socks - $17.00

Keep your youngins on the mountain and out of the lodge with this warm and comfy sock. Targeted padding where young skiers and riders often need a little more love. Dependability a parent wants. Comfort and cushioning a child needs.

Smartwool Kid’s Ski Racer Socks - $15.95

Get ready for ski racing season with this lightly cushioned ski sock. Thanks to its flat-knit toe seam, it's guaranteed not to let up on comfort while she hits the gates. The power of Merino helps keep little feet warm dry and comfortable for a full day on the hill.

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