Very popular in dance, barre, and pilates, and also worn as a fashion statement, leg warmers are great versatile garments that are no longer stuck in the ‘80s. So whether you’re heading out to a dance class or just want to spruce up your look, we stock the best leg warmers to keep your legs cozy and stylish.        

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Legwarmers cover the lower legs and are similar to socks but are thicker and generally footless. They come in a variety of textures and colors and range from knee high to thigh high while some even have open heels.  

Legwarmers were originally used as dancewear in order for dancers to keep their legs muscles warm in order to prevent cramping and other muscle related injuries. Although we still see leg warmers being used as dancewear, they are also used as a fashion statement. Leg warmers can be worn over leggings, tights or jeans with a pair of riding boots to complete your look (with the leg warmers slouched at the top of the riding boots).  

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Fun Fact: Leg warmers are now also popular among moms with young kids (babies) and are used to keep their baby’s legs warm during diaper changes etc.        

Best ToeSox Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are great for the chilly fall and winter seasons! Heat up your practice and style. ToeSox leg warmers are the hottest way to ready muscles for peak performance and the best way to spruce up any outfit.      

Rae Open Heel Leg Warmers - $30.00

Sasha Open Toe Leg Warmers - $35.00

Open Heel Leg Warmer - $22.00

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