It’s 7 am and you’re almost geared up for your morning workout. You go to pull on the cute cotton socks you bought last week...and they already have holes in them!          

Improve your performance and get the right athletic sock to keep your feet happy!     

The impact from exercises like running, jumping, or lunging puts extra stress on your feet every time you hit the ground. Good socks can help cushion feet and protect them from irritation or blisters.         

Instead of grabbing the first pair of socks you see, look at the different fabrics and choose wisely. Contrary to popular belief, cotton is NOT king. Cotton is not moisture-wicking and is made of absorbent hydrophilic fibers, which may cause socks to lose shape and lead to skin irritation or blisters. Choose sock fabrics that have good wicking properties like wool or those with synthetic fibers that will trap and transfer moisture to keep your feet nice, dry, and free from all of that sweat!        

Athletic Sock Fabrics and Materials:

Merino Wool

Wool is an exceptionally soft, durable, and antimicrobial natural fiber that repels bacteria and odors and works to keep the body at an even temperature by insulating instead of trapping heat. Wool also keeps you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather, perfect for running in any season. Superior breathability and wicking properties prevent clamminess, and the natural elasticity of wool fibers allow garments to stretch and then return to their original shape, preventing sagging and bagging. Wool is also super absorbent so it dries slowly but retains heat, even when wet, keeping your feet warm and comfortable through your workout.


Coolmax is a moisture-wicking technical fabric developed by DuPont in 1986. It is fade and shrink resistant and is often combined with cotton, wool, or spandex. Best used during extreme physical exertion and in combination with other materials to provide warmth.


Nylon (or Polyamide) is an extremely strong fabric that absorbs more water than other synthetics, not to mention it’s also lightweight and easy to clean. Who doesn’t want a sock that is easy to clean AND wicks away any sweat and moisture during your workout?


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is quick drying, strong when wet or dry, wrinkle resistant, and easy to clean. It is also more breathable and absorbent than nylon.


Acrylic is a synthetic fabric that has excellent wicking properties. It’s lightweight, soft, warm and quick drying. An acrylic/wool blend is good for outdoor workouts in cold weather.  

Whether you’re a runner, a lifter, a cyclist, a hiker, or any other type of athlete, make sure to always put your feet first so they are happy and healthy during AND after your workouts! You’ll thank us later.        

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