For over 20 years Smartwool has been pushing the boundaries of Merino to create smarter, more capable products from head to toe.

Each pair of Smartwool socks is carefully crafted using the finest Merino wool to keep your feet dry and regulate body temperature so you can wear Smartwool in various conditions.

Smartwool's Merino sheep are bred and nourished in the Southern Hemisphere to grow wool fibers that are an ideal length, thickness, color and strength for their socks (and other apparel and accessories).        

Why grow wool in the Southern Hemisphere? Because the Merino sheep face some of the most demanding and varying conditions on the planet. From hot summers to harsh winters, Smartwool's wool will keep you comfortable no matter what.   

Smartwool offers anywhere from ultralight to heavy cushioning, as well as different sock technologies tailored for a slew of different activities to keep your feet happy. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your Smartwool socks, you can return them within two years of purchase and Smartwool will make it right.

Check out some of our new favorites from Smartwool.

Smartwool Men's PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Crew Socks - $21.95

Experience durability at its peak with the PhD Outdoor Light Crew. Featuring Indestructawool technology, a patent-pending wool-based durability construction, these socks are ready for any adventure on your list. Plus, with redesigned mesh zones, a Virtually Seamless toe and the 4 Degree elite fit system, these socks have comfort covered.

Smartwool Women’s PhD Run Light Elite Striped Micro Crew Socks (and Men) - $17.95

Smartwool's best fitting, most advanced run socks yet, they packed years of testing, prototypes and running smarts into these socks. Featuring Light Elite cushioning in the ball and heel of the foot for ultimate shock absorption with minimal in-shoe volume, women's-specific mesh ventilation zones, and a Virtually Seamless toe.

Smartwool Women’s Beyond The Hive Hide & Seek No Show Socks - $13.95

Set your world a buzz with the sweet design and comfort of the Hive Hide and Seek No Show. Your feet will experience the ultimate in all-day comfort with ultra-soft Merino and an internal heel gripper.

Smartwool Men’s PhD Run Ultra Light Pattern Low Cut Socks - $15.95

Smartwool put all of their smarts into these new and improved run socks that feature Smartwool's 4 Degree elite fit system, Indestructawool technology for superior durability and a virtually seamless toe. Men’s-specific mesh ventilation zones provide ultimate temperature and moisture regulation where male runners need it most. A low cut height provides that ideal balance of protection and style.

Smartwool Men’s Keel Crew Socks - $20.95

If the bold designs and bright colors of this crew sock don't make you keel over, we think slipping into the all-day comfort or Merino might just do the trick!

Smartwool Kid’s Striped Hike Light Crew Socks - $11.95

Perfect for your little adventurer! Made with anti-stink, super soft Merino and a flat toe seam to keep tootsies comfy, Smartwool's Kids' Striped Hike Light Crew is perfect for any adventure

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