Drymax Hiking HD Knee High Socks

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Drymax Hiking HD (High Density) Knee High socks contain a dual-layer moisture removal system that stays dry by moving sweat out and away from your feet. When you sweat, water is repelled by the inner hydrophobic layer to the outer hydrophilic Drymax layer, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Other hiking socks rely on moisture-wicking fibers that use the slow process of evaporation to dry. Drymax socks dry at the same speed as you sweat, keeping you on the trail longer. The Drymax fibers used in the Hiking HD Sock are the least thermally conductive fibers found in any hiking sock, meaning your feet stay warm because the sock doesn't pull as much heat away from your skin. Made in the USA.

** Advanced 3D Fit
** Flat toe seam for maximum comfort
** Instep hugging arch band
** Anti-bunching instep
** MicroZap Drymax antimicrobial fibers for long term odor control
** Densely padded for maximum comfort and protection without compromising the fit of your shoe
** Terry loops inside the sock help increase insulation and protection

Fabric Content:
73% Drymax Olefin
10% Nylon
9% Polyester
8% Spandex

Drymax Model Number:

D7060, D7061, D7062
Average Customer Rating: *****

Great socks! *****
George (Phenix City, AL) April 12, 2016

"I first bought six pair of these Drymax hiking socks two years ago. Since I live in Alabama, I usually wear then in the winter with jeans. They fit beautifully around your leg and do not slip down even when you are wearing cowboy boots walking over uneven ground. I recently had a bone marrow transplant and needed something heavy and comfortable for wearing around the house during my recovery period. I bought three additional pair to make sure I would always have a clean pair handy, and these socks wear so well that you can't tell the new ones from the old ones. I have recommended these socks to my friends, several have purchased them, and all are very pleased with the socks."

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Great sock with a great fit *****
Robin (Gretna, NE) February 14, 2015

"The socks fit great and don't slip. I wore them on an outdoor excursion during a snowstorm. My feet stayed warm. I would love these in fun colors but the gray works too!"

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Very good hiking socks *****
PatMillDE (Middletown, DE) August 20, 2014

"No slipping in these socks. I enjoyed wearing them."

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Great Boot Sock *****
george (Gaythorne, Queensland) May 30, 2014

"Wanted to try an alternative to my Bamboo socks, which take forever to dry, so bought some of these and they have lived up to my expectations so far. They feel great on and dry very quickly. They do have one drawback in that they make my feet smell more than the Bamboo socks but on military duties that doesn't really matter ;)"

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Graet socks *****
MARK (Dayton, OH) April 10, 2013

"Are really comfortable !"

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Drymax Hiking HD Knee High Socks *****
Michael (Hatfield, PA) February 27, 2015

"Seemed to work well keeping the moisture off my feet during winter hikes. My initial assessment is it works better than polypro liners & wool socks, but will try some field comparisons to have a more informed opinion."

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