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Sigvaris Athletic Performance 20-30mmHg Knee High Socks

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The Sigvaris Athletic Performance 20-30mmHg Knee High Socks are the best medical-grade athletic compression socks on the market today. The 20-30mmHg compression keeps the blood flowing and keeps you performing at your peak.

** A built-in Achilles tendon protector that reduces vibration on vulnerable ligaments.
** A foot bed cushion zone and toe protectors that help to keep feet blister free.
** Every pair is manufactured with latex-free, high-tech fibers that provide odor and thermal control while keeping the feet incredibly dry.
** An Extra-wide comfort top band that keeps the sock comfortably in place.
** True 20-30mmHg graduated compression.

Fabric Content:
67% Dri-release (Polyester)
26% Nylon
7% Spandex

Sigvaris Model Number:
Average Customer Rating: *****

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