Wigwam Diabetic Sport Quarter Socks

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The Wigwam Diabetic Sport Quarter Crew Socks feature a relaxed fit leg and the comfortable, fast-drying, Dri-Release fabric. This makes them perfect for those who don't want their active lifestyles interrupted by Diabetes. Dri-release fibers — a blend of Merino Wool and Polyester fibers — keeps your feet warm and dry, while the FreshGuard treatment eliminates any odors. The fully cushioned foot ensures you stay comfortable, while the relaxed leg fit keeps the sock from binding and restricting circulation. The perfect active sock for those with diabetes! Formerly known as the Healthy Sole.

** Quarter Crew Height, with Medium Weight, and Cushioned Sole.
** Cushioned foot
** Relaxed fit leg
** Seamless toe closure 

** All Wigwam Socks are Made in the USA

The Wigwam Health Series:
The Health Series includes compression socks and relaxed fit socks that won't constrict or irritate — perfect for special medical conditions.

Fabric Content:
87% Dri-release (Polyester)
13% Stretch Nylon

Wigwam Model Number:

Wigwam Adult Sizing Chart

Sizes US Men US Women
Small N/A 3-5
Medium/Small N/A 4-7
Medium 5-9.5 6-10
Large 9-12 10-13
X-Large 12-15 N/A
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Average Customer Rating: *****

Wigwam Diabetic Sport Quarter Socks *****
Billy M (Montmorency, Victoria) January 06, 2015

"I have been having trouble buying socks like this in Australia, were the elastic is either to tight or has no give in it at all, so following some research I finely found Socks addict and than the brand Wigwam.
I am so impressed with the pair I bought and worn, I have just ordered another 3 pair and I'm sure there will be more to follow.
Many thanks
Billy M"

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What a releif! *****
Peter in Hollister (Hollister, CA) November 18, 2013

"I never really bothered much about socks as I grew up. In fact, often times I would just wear flip flops or go barefoot!! As I am now officially "old" (just turned 50), my feet have been hurting more and more. I am legally blind and cannot drive so my trip to the gym Monday through Friday is on foot and my dogs was a' barkin' !!! I reached out to the staff at Socks Addict in an effort to find the most comfortable sock they knew of. Oh, man did they come through in a huge way! The diabetic sports sock should not be judged by the name "diabetic." It just happens to be THE most comfortable sock I have ever put on. Made a direct difference in the my comfort level on my walks and my feet are not nearly so sore afterwards nor do they bother me as much when I am on the elliptical runner at the gym. The ankle portion is just perfect. Really feels comfortable on my ankle and does not leave any indentations or marks. I can't thank the folks at Sock Addict more for their great call! In fact I bought my mom and dad a couple of pairs to try as well and so far they love them as well!"

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Happy feet - happy me! *****
Sandra (Saint Paul, MN) May 14, 2016

"I've been a fan of Wigwam socks for quite a while so I'm glad I found a healthy supply at Socks Addict. This is the first time buying the quarter sock and I found I just love them. I get edema in my feet and lower legs and these remain comfortable without cutting into my leg. The seamless toes are and padded heel add to the comfort. This may be the first time - but it won't be the last!"

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Wigwam Diabetic quarter sock *****
Lucien (Middlesex, NJ) October 12, 2014

"Comfortable, wears well, and sizing is good."

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Great Socks *****
Joseph (Wake Forest, NC) October 12, 2014

"Again, ordered from the Wigwam diabetic socks list. Found several types with medium to heavy cushioning for my needs.
Socks highly appropriate."

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I love these socks *****
Reelma (Ossining, NY) August 08, 2013

"I first ordered two pair of these Wigwam socks to test them out was love at first wearing! These socks are soft, have thick, padded bottoms, and the cuff is loose enough not to leave a mark around the ankle. I was looking for a sock that was well-padded and did not fit my ankle tightly, so I am very satisfied with these. And I immediately ordered two more pairs."

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I'm happy *****
Joseph (Ashland, VA) April 15, 2013

"I like what I got . Satisfied the price .I will buy more."

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Diabetic Sports Quarter Socks *****
Herb (Point Lookout, NY) June 14, 2013

"Very comfortable. A tad snug but comfortable. In fact, after I finish this review I'm going to order 3 more white & 3 pairs black."

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Great quality and price *****
Jim (Annandale, VA) June 05, 2013

"I had been looking for diabetic socks for quite a while to help keep my osteo-arthritic left ankle from swelling and the Wigwam Diabetic Sport Quarter Socks really help. The only issue is that I am a size 12, which straddles your large and extra large size ranges (9-12 and 12-15). The extra large seems just a little too big, but I am concerned about the large being too small."

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